It doesn’t matter whether your moment happens on the street, in a venue, on a train or plane, NeverMissed will help you pinpoint your exact location.


Use the check in option to see who else is around in our NeverMissed database or enter in the characteristics of a missed connection to meet up later. That’s it! Let our algorithm do the rest.

NeverMissed organizes your entries based on physical descriptions and how close you are in proximity to one another. If both of you are reasonably close, a window will pop up so you can introduce yourself.

Our Always On Matching function will alert you whenever someone in your vicinity enters a physical description that match your features- giving them the opportunity to request an introduction.

Turn it on and off whenever you want to give your legion of adoring fans the opportunity to strike up a conversation, after first describing themselves of course (it’s a free country after all). Otherwise just turn it off and focus solely on mutual matches with the men/women who are already interested in you.

The app is a great way to bypass strangers and engage with other Nevermisses and misters.

Did we mention it’s also free to download?