Whether your moment happens on the street, in a venue, or on a train or plane, NeverMissed helps you pinpoint your exact location, enter in the characteristics of your missed connection, and if you both have NeverMissed, our algorithm matches you to one another! NeverMissed scores your entries based on how close you are in guessing the physical description, and if both of you are reasonably close, a window opens up so that you can introduce yourself.

Additionally, the Always On Matching function allows you to be alerted whenever someone within your vicinity enters your physical description into the program and requests an opportunity to introduce himself or herself. You can turn it on whenever you want your legion of adoring fans on the subway the opportunity to strike up a conversation after describing themselves (so you can look around and see who it is before accepting the communication), or you can turn it off and focus solely on Mutual Matches with men or women you already know interest you.

This app is a great way for you to virtually walk across all those people and quietly say "Hey, my name is ..." and start things up. What happens after that is all on you. So download NeverMissed, and stop wishing you had an opportunity to say hi to that hot woman or guy who just walked by.

Free to download and only pay when you've matched with someone and are ready for an introduction, or subscribe for a year for the cost of a drink!